Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas greetings dear friends! I am writing this email from the coziness of my (Rachel's) sister Debby's dining room and wanted to share our christmas journey with you.
We left Colorado on Tuesday morning in our van. We've had our van for 3 years- a wonderful dear couple had given it to us for ministry use. Trust me- we got alot of use out of it. It survived one of the biggest hail storms I had ever seen- traveled twice to Oregon, once to Phoenix, and this summer to Branson, MO. It wasn't pretty but it was our faithful steed. 30 miles east of Laramie, WY the transmission went out. We were lucky enough to limp it into Laramie to a mechanic. After having lunch there- they told us it would cost $1900 to fix it. The van isn't worth the money to fix so we figured out our options. 1)rent a mini van $200-$1000 dollars depending on how long we would need it or 2) buy a mini van sitting on a lot there in Laramie. After looking at the van- talking to both sets of parents and some trusted friends about our predicament- we felt like God was telling us to buy the van. We were able to trade our old van in for the new one- getting more than what salvage would have paid. We bought our 2004 Town and Country and were able to complete our drive to UT safe and sound. We really like the van and thank God for keeping us safe. Please do be praying for us though- the money we will have to use monthly to now pay for our van was allocated to other things. The van cost us under $7000 and we are praying for God to provide the money to cover this vehicle. Please be praying for God's provision for us! We are excited to have a "new" ministry vehicle and look forward to having something better looking- and more trustworthy to drive us- and ministry kids around in.
We are thankful for the safety for our trip thus far- and are looking forward to spending Christmas with the Pinkerton/Fellows clan. As we look at God's provision for our safety and travels we are reminded of another trip 2,000 years ago that took a young married couple into Bethelem to bear their son, Jesus. God's provision for their safety provided us with a Savior. We pray you will enjoy God's provision, safety and salvation this Christmas and in the New Year!

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