Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The busiest slow time of the year

We usually tell people that fall is our slowest time of year.  A time where we can "regroup" after our busy spring and summer.  We keep busy with ministry- but it's not the marathon the rest of the year is.  This fall isn't looking to be very slow at all.

On Friday the 24th 3 teenagers from Spain arrived.  Angel (Jr.) is the eldest son of Angel Torres a man who Rachel's parents had in their ministry in Oregon.  Angel (Sr.) went to Bible College and is now a pastor in Spain.  So we have his son, Angel (Jr.), and two of his neices, Ana and Cristiana.  They are living with us for a month to learn English.  They study English in Spain during their school by a British teacher.  Every day Mon-Fri Rachel has English class with them from 2-3 hrs.  They are using a Christian ESL material and the "kids" are really enjoying it.  Last night we took them to a Baseball game.  Unfortunately the Rockies lost- but the kids really had fun.  In preperation for the game they each had to read a book about baseball and write a report in English on our great american pastime.  They will be here in Sept. 21.  Please be praying for all of us- for the "kids" to learn english, and for Rachel as she teaches them.  Please also pray they wont be too homesick- and that we will continue to have a great time together as they are a temporary part of our family.

Curtis started school back up.  We are hoping that he will graduate winter of 2013.  Pray that he will do well in his studies.  Curtis also gets to preach 2 times this month.  Please be praying for him as he brings the Word to Christ Community Church in Roggen, CO and Poudre Canyon Chapel in the Poudre Canyon.  

Rachel's InFaith Kiowa Ladies Bible Study will be starting back up on Sept. 18th.  They will be studied two different studies this year.  Please be praying that the women will learn a lot and that we might have some new women come.  

Rachel is also very busy beginning a new ministry in partnership with a local church here in Greeley (Grace Church) called Mom's Cafe.  Mom's Cafe is a ministry designed to minister to Mom's of all stages and ages in life.  It has been a process to get this ministry started, but we are looking forward to it beginning.  It will start on Sept. 12th.  We still have a few needs for childcare so please be praying that we can find all the leader's we need.  Please be praying for the Mom's who come through our doors this year.  We will be looking at different Women in the Bible.  If you are in the Greeley area and would like more info- please let me know!

Noah started Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago.  He loves it!  Hannah is a little sad with her brother being gone every day for a few hours- but she is a trooper.  Of course it helps that we have 3 other kids with us to entertain her for this month.  

We thank you for your prayers and support!  As always please be praying for our financial support.  We've had a couple of regular givers let us know they will be unable to continue their support.  Please be praying that God brings new people to join our ministry team to offset that!
Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer
Area Missionaries
Serving with InFaith

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