Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One Month

When we put our house on the market in Greeley, CO and it sold in 24 hours God confirmed to us that He wanted us in Indiana.  We’ve been here a month.  We have met numerous people (some of them over and over again because we can’t remember their names.)  We have plunged in head first and are trying to keep our heads above water. 

In the past month we’ve noticed many things.  The community around Shelbyville, IN is a broken and hurting community.  In 2006 Time Magazine did an article on Shelbyville titled, “Dropout Nation.”  It had a 75% graduation rate.  Shelbyville has been able to turn things around and is now at 90% but the brokenness remains.  Only 12% of those over the age of 25 have bachelor degrees.

The economics here aren’t much better.  Shelbyville thrives on a number of factories located here- but while factories are a great source of jobs- the median income is $9,000 lower than the state average.
Curtis is working with Noah’s principal at Loper Elementary to continue a afterschool Bible club- but the principal has also asked for Curtis to work on developing a Divorce Care ministry as well.  So many people around here are divorced, remarried, divorced again, separated or living together.  Many families are “blended” or fractured.

The need is so great.  The solution?  Jesus Christ.  We look around at the kids, the people at the church and the community and we are beginning to realize why God has brought us here.  To preach His name and to show people what it means to walk in freedom from bondage and to help bring healing to brokenness. 

There are so many people here- so much hurt.  The world is crying for a Savior.  In Shelbyville….in Greeley, CO… in your hometown. 

We answered His call.  We see the world’s need.  We feel overwhelmed, and yet we know it’s only in God’s power, His Might that we can do what we do.  Each day.  Day in and Day out.

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