Monday, November 11, 2013

God's Timing is NOT our own.

It seems like the past 2 years we have been waiting on God.  Waiting to see what was in store.  Waiting to hear from Him as to what our future would hold.  Waiting isn't passive- it's been active for us.  We have continue to serve God right here in NE Colorado during this time.

Last year we began feeling that God was DOING something in our lives.  We just didn't know what, when, where or how.  This past spring I remember telling Curtis that when God finally decided to act it would go fast.

Let me share a little bit of the whirlwind that has been our life the past month.

We visited Crossroad Community Church the end of September.  We knew God was calling us to that church and that community to serve Him.

We came home and listed the house on Monday, October 14th.  By the 15th (the next day!) we were signing papers on a full-price offer.

We have been in the process of sorting, packing, working, turning things over, contacting supporters, meeting with mission boards for the past three weeks.

We will close on our house here in Greeley on Friday the 15th of November.

We will return to Eaton to the house we first lived in as a married couple (which has now been turned into a missionary fulough house).  That way we can stay through Thanksgiving to be with family here in this area.

Dec. 4th we plan on leaving Colorado on our journey to Shelbyville, IN.

So many things are still up in the air.  Please be praying as we continue to look for housing and schools in the Shelbyville area.

God asks us to wait on Him.  We have- and we will continue to do so.

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