Monday, December 9, 2013

We're finally here!

We are here.  Starting our new chapter of life and ministry in Shelbyville, Indiana.  We have moved most of our belongings into a temporary rental and/or storage facility.  We had a wonderful first time at Crossroad Community Church (where Curtis will be serving as Student and Youth Leader) yesterday morning.  Of course... we had to fix a flat tire first.

Noah started school today at Loper Elementary.  Not knowing where God will have us live permanently we decided to go with the school closer to Crossroad.  Loper is also the school Crossroad has "adopted" and has a good news club during the school year.

We will wait and put Hannah in preschool until January unless God opens the door for her to go sooner.

Change is never easy- and it seems to take it's toll on kids sometimes more than adults.  Please be praying for our kids as they make these transitions.  Please be praying for us to take intentional family time in the midst of all that's happening.

We look forward to getting to know more people in this community- and seeing God open doors through the ministry of Crossroad Community Church and our ministry outside the church with Be One Together.

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